Learn How To Sell Final Expense Leads By Phone

Becoming a successful final expense telesales agent can be a daunting task.  The first step to success is having the proper training and tools to get you skilled up.  VRG Insurance Marketing in partnership with NorthStar Insurance Advisors has developed the industry's #1 training platform for final expense telesales agents.

Work From Home Selling Final Expense By Phone

We have agents just like you working full-time from home making big money selling final expense insurance 100% over the phone.  This platform is responsible for creating the most 100k NET EARNERS in final expense telesales today! Our platform simplifies the business and takes all the heavy lifting off the agents shoulders.  


Our agent partners only take FREE LIVE INBOUD FINAL EXPENSE TV LEADS.  There is no need to ever buy a lead again or make an outbound call.  How many sales do you think you could make if you had an unlimited amount of INBOUND TV LEADS and they were all free? 

Final Expense Telesales Top Producing Agents in the country making 100k Net plus.

Here is a screen shot of our leader board on a Thursday afternoon!

Here is a video of Ernice showing her 1099 for 2016 from only one of our carriers. We write 3 so you can imagine how much she made! 

Work From One Our State of The Art Call Centers

If you live in the the following cities St. Louis-MO, North Dallas-TX, Orlando-FL, Miami-FL, Marion-IN, Detroit-MI we have in-house final expense telesales call center agent positions open.  


We also have turn-key partnership opportunities for call center owner operators all over the country.

In this video Ramiz Hakim Managing Partner of NorthStar Insurance Advisors gives a tour of the state of the art call center headquarters in Wentzville, MO just outside of St. Louis.

Final Expense TV Leads

When selling final expense insurance over the phone cold calling is not an efficient use of your time.  We have tried every type of lead over the last 10 years.  We started out by cold calling lists, then we moved to avatar leads, we tried direct mail and all the other types of leads.  What we found was for a telesales agent to be highly successful they need a steady stream of hot inbound leads.

Here is a 30 second TV Commercial that our company runs all throughout the day to generate live inbound calls for our agent partners all over the country.

Here is a video of our Director of Marketing Jonathan Hakim talking about how our live transfer final expense leads are generated and sent to agents all around the country weather you are in a call center or working from home.  The average wait time for a live transfer is under 10 minutes.

Do You Want To Know More?

If you are interested in learning how you can get access to the best final expense telesales training platform in the industry along with being part of the #1 Final Expense Telesales agency in the country then click the button below and fill out the short form.  After completing the form you will be granted INSTANT ACCESS to our informational webinar.  This webinar will cover all opportunities from A to Z and provide you with the next steps.

Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to speaking with you very soon!

Here is a video of Vince Spampinato Managing Partner of Northstar Insurance Advisors talking about Final Expense Televersity, at the end he gives a sneak peek of this awesome training platform.